Caricature Research

So, as a part of this module I wanted to look at caricaturing briefly, as it's something a lot of animators say you should do, and I can definitely see why. Getting used to unusual shapes and distorting features can be all kinds of useful when designing characters, as well as seeing what works and what doesn't when putting together a face's features.

by Jason Seiler
Jason Seiler is an amazing caricaturist, working mostly in digital from what I've seen, they remain soft yet extreme, really pushing at the limits of what can be done before straying too far into 'cartoony' territory. The soft and realistic approach keeps the images warmth throughout.

by Pete Emslie
The images of 'regular' people by Pete Emslie are some of my favourites despite their simplicity. He always seems to capture a person's essence  in a very minimal graphic way. His use of all aspects of line is beautiful.

by John Kricfalusi
A true master of the form, John Kricfalusi, better known for Ren and Stimpy produces some wonderful caricatures, often crossing over into the ugly and deformed, yet always appealing. Their sketchy quality, use of only the main features, and incredible use of negative space to effect make him the best caricaturist alive in my opinion.

by Derren Brown
Derren Brown's caricatures are in the same category as Jason Seiler's, however, Derren works mostly with real paints, acrylics and oils and produces some astounding caricatures, from the subtle(see above) to the much more extreme (see his Steven Fry piece).

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