I've decided I can't bear to throw failed tests in the bin, so I'm starting to sell them on to anyone who might want them, at reduced prices on my Etsy shop. First of all being this latex tentacle that went a bit wrong.

See it on Etsy for more information.

Some miniatures made of polymer clay, flocking, glass bottles, all available on my Etsy Store

My latest fully-rigged puppet is up for sale on my Etsy store, and this time they have an extra set of legs...

 The White Wolf puppet is a twisted aluminium armature as usual, with latex, polymer clay and foam structuring, covered in fur, coloured latex and acrylic paints. Fully posable eyes, jaws, legs, ears and tail.

There are rigging points in each foot, and one in the mid back, hidden under the fur. That's five in total, and ideal for any kind posing and 'air' shots.

Available on my Etsy Store

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A few new updates to the website, mostly a few smaller models that are going up on Etsy, while I get a full sized puppet ready to go on there. This little monkey jar and angler fish model are both made out of polymer clays, finished with acrylics, glow-in-the-dark accents and a little bit of flocking where needed.