Model Mayhem

I thought to start off my model making practice, that I'd have a go at some Airfix models, especially the Aardman range of them. It's bee a few years since I had a go at these, but had picked it up by the end of it!

For the first one (Wallace and Gromit's Anti-Pesto van from The Curse of the Were-Rabbit) I thought I'd explicitly follow the instructions with no improvising of my own to see how the resulting model turned out. As it happens, it was reasonable, but without much advice on the painting, everything still looked a little plastic-y by the end. However, it was a great learning experience and next time I'll:
 - make sure edges are sanded
 - paint and decal before gluing
 - clean hands regularly (clear plastic does not like wet glue)
 - don't force any pieces!
 - take my time
 - improvise and improve

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