The original 'painted-on' paving slabs (right-hand side) just weren't doing it for me so I decided to create each one individually in sculpey, and the result is much better (left side).

And here is the small stretch of pavement now completed, just the other side of the street to do now.

I think the road/tarmac is looking great, really pleased with how its turned out, except for the base is starting to buckle with the moisture from all the glue, but hopefully won't be too noticeable.

Aw... baby bin bags

Testing materials for the tarmac road:

Applying some enamel gloss to the main character:

This one is less of character and more of a prop as part of the scenery:

Finally started building the actual set too:

Just a few more shots of the main character, now with a bit more detailing and trying him in a few poses, and also a quick snap of the progress made on the other main character.

Just a few images of the current project I've just started...

A picture next to Buzz for idea of his size; he's pretty small.

Here are life drawing studies for the task sheet for re-submission (Due on the 16th July 2010)

More of my life drawing work is available on older blog posts beneath. 
Many thanks to Faye for modeling for these!

This was my first attempt at watercolours, pretty pleased with how it turned out and will definitely be working with them some more. Having a single source of light from the window helped greatly.

This next one, going back to just pencil work, the eyes are completely out but saw it through to the end anyway.

Next I went for a combination of pencil and watercolour, marking out the basic structure with pencil and then concentrating on the tone in watercolour paints, however, this time leaving colour out of the equation and concentration on just the tonal work.

Further Studies: