... make for a nice new wallet

A couple more models I've finished Not very detailed quality but I thought I'd photograph them and make something of them nevertheless. Again, all latex layering over wire and sculpey frames, bulked out with sponge. The acrylics and talc for the details.
Click for larger views.

The completed head for Charles, the skeleton, really enjoy the flexibility on his jaw, makes for some more variance in expressions, see below for its full range of movement:


Thanks to Ekabutr for the digital sketch! 

Just layering up the bandage and latex for the first layer of the whale's skin, keeping it nice and white at the moment due to over mixing an abundance of white latex, but hopefully will be ending up a nice shade of blue by the end, no matter how appealing making 'The White Whale' is...
The next one in progress...

And Skeleton progress (next to 'Ernie' for size comparison)

Sculpey and wire head for the next one, having a go at a skeleton while I wait for the layers of latex to dry on the previous one, which seems to be taking a fair bit of time. Speaking of which, here it si so far:

Next up, baking the parts and making sure everything works and fits together well:

 And then onto the first layers of white latex mix and stretch bandage for covering the moving joints:

Thought I'd have a go at a full body model now, using the layering latex technique. As you can see I spent some time building a good flexible 'skeleton' for this characters, out of sculpey and wire. Once the sculpey had baked, I bulked up the model with some foam along the back and on the maw, before applying the latex and then layering with some foam bandage to shape the form of the body. First layer is drying as we speak...

Clive's head all done and dusted, click to embiggen!

Just waiting for last few bits to dry then it's time to photograph!

Also, replaced the eyes as the other were a little too psychopathic-looking.
What's left - eye detailing, mouth, ears and photographing.

The finished head 'talced' and posed. Click to embiggen.

Last one for today, it's pretty much completed, just need talcing up to get rid of some of the gloss over the skin and make it a bit more handle-able. Tomorrow I'll give a full stress and stretch test and see what it can do in front of the camera!
Skin latex pretty much done, and eyebrow wires in place, next up is fluffing out the eyebrows, and painting the skin for a bit of variance.
Initial layers of standard latex used to build up the detail areas such as eyelids etc

Colouring the latex: a good glug of water, plenty of white and then a blob of yellow and a small blob of red. Works so far!

Initial redder undertones/layers of the skin, looking a little sunburnt.

Top layer of flesh colour, leaving extremities exposed and slightly redder.

more to come...

more to come...