Goal Setting

 - What skill-sets do I have?
 - What areas do I need to improve on?
 - Goal setting and strategies
 - My strengths?
 - What do I know?
 - What can I learn?
 - What do I need to know?
 - How much do I understand?
 - How can I take my learning further?

Looking at these questions, I sat down and thought about just what it is and where I'm going with my animation-themed life. I think answering these questions early on will help me solidify any goals and give me a bit more direction with where I'm going. Sure, I know things are never concrete and always likely to change, but it's always good to have something to aim towards and knowledge to hunt down.

Here are a list of all the skill-sets I'd ideally like to work on. I know it's a long one but I feel all of these will be vital to any career I want to develop, and I think it's all achievable without spreading myself too thinly.

Out of all of the skill sets the two I'd most like to work on and improve my knowledge of are completely pre-production based and are:

Character Design
Construction of Sets and Characters

Useful tasks
Some useful strategies to improving myself I already use and need to keep going:
 - Visual journal on the go.
 - Frequent life-drawing.
 - Following inspirational blogs.
 - Keeping up with /r/animation and /r/getmotivated.
 - Setting aside time to read and watch tutorials.
 - Setting deadlines and timesheets.
 - Immerse myself with inspirational media.

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