After getting a fair bit of feedback from the facebook BCU animation group (see below) on my other showreel, here's a newly amended one!

The main points of alteration were:
  • remove the 'page curl' transitions
  • concentrate mainly on stop motion
  • sort some of the timing issues out
  • other bits and bobs 
Feedback welcome!


Here's a brand new version of my showreel with some fancy pants new music:

Why Don't we do Something? by Hey Geronimo

Have a looksie and let me know what you think?


Another way I find it useful to keep on top of work is this:

A hideous mess right? Right, but also one of my best tools for staying on top of jobs. Ignoring the pixellated out bits (due to these being things I don't want everyone knowing with birthdays and things coming up), the main purpose of this is twofold:

I make the list each night, of the top six things I need to do the following day. The main benefit of this is the fact that I can prioritise without being influenced by the lazy side of my personality, as is so often the case if you try to make the list just before you have to start the tasks. Secondly, when I wake up, there's no real deciding-what-to-do period, I can just consult the list and know what I'm working on and know it's important enough to put the blinkers on for a while.

For the cost of a £1 cheap whiteboard and pen from Poundland, this has been (and continues to be) a great little tool in the battle against procrastination and disorganisation.

So, as part of this project I thought I'd better blog up how I like to schedule my time for these kinds of modules. A bunch of pages from Google Calendar printed out and glued up, enables me to mark out everything nicely. I do this in combination with having a digital online calendar, as it's nice to have it up on the wall near where you do the actual work so you have a good visual clue as to where you are and to where you deadline is, an unavoidable reminder as it were. Also, crossing off each day and task is satifying in its own right.

2 0 1 2

It's all been a bit quiet on here as of late hasn't it? I'll put that down to the festivities that always come near year's end, but also polishing off my dissertation report. But that's as good as done now, and so to kick off the blog for a new year, here's a quick self portrait of me in deep thought, with a bongy eye, which is my natural state of affairs.