Another commission for the excellent Josh Funk and his short film. 

This time the puppet had to be more hunched over, with an angrier expression. I gave a bit more flexibility in the puppet for expression, for example, the neck is a little longer and can now 'lurch' from side to side. The same for the jaw wiring. I really cannot wait to see these being animated, the snippets I've seen so far look great and it's so lovely to see a film being put together combining such textural and traditional elements alongside modern computer editing!

You can see some of the making of the film that's still currently in production here:

It's been a while since I posted on here! Some catching up is in order I think...

This little alien monster chappie is for a short film being made by Josh Funk, which I'll be posting a bit more of on here soon as I have some other things on it I've been working on as part of it.

Next up is a collection of underwater puppets for a client in London, meet: Scuba Girl, Zombie Clown, the Tentacles and the Great White. These are the same latex and aluminium rigged puppets I usually make, with a few variations in construction and techniques and learning things along the way!


And finally here's a cake topper for a golfing enthusiast! Hopefully some more updates coming soon, I'll try and keep things posted as they come this time!

It's always good to see people putting your work to good use, and I received this link to the stop-motion puppet I created, Rufus, in a few short tests. I love seeing people make them come to life in their own way..
Welcome 2014! 

And to kick the year off [and the return to my blog] here's the latest puppet posted in my Etsy store: Stanley Sloth

Also working on a couple of other bits of work/commissions, all of which will be revealed shortly.

Time to update all the websites etc methinks!