How to Teach, Fun-style

So here I am planning ahead with ideas of next year's project. I have a few ideas of the kind of direction of what I'd like to produce so here's the outline:

 - An educational short, or pilot to possible series.
 - Primarily stop-motion (puppet based) but with a possible mix of other mediums.
 - Aimed at kids to teens, 10-18, unisex.
 - Based on real science and real facts.
 - Topics showing the benefits of empiricism and logic
 - Showcasing scientific discovery and learning.

My first steps in this direction was to see what kind of things are already out there, and what appealed to me as a child. My pick of the best out there at the moment are:

Mythbusters: the science isn't perfect but for getting kids into science this is easily one of the best out there. They don't patronise or over-complicate, and it's full of 'impact' and fun experiments and comedy to keep them entertained. I wish this was about when I was a kid.

Now, coming a close second is this series of music video shorts by They might be Giants, all of which make science all rock-star for a younger audience. From the elements to dinosaurs and many others they've covered many aspects of science in a fun and engaging way.

By using these simplistic yet colourful styles of animation mixed with a brilliant sing-along song, kids are enjoying being educated and it's not even in a sneaky way. It shouldn't be about trying to sneak information into kids without them knowing, it's about making the topics engaging enough that they want to learn about it, and even better if you can get them go want to pursue it even after the animation/teaching is over!

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