Another Audience

Now a few things towards an older audience. Starting with some classic comedy in the form of Monty Python. This brief sketch from one of their productions is based around a brilliant little music number about insignificance and our universe. This is the kind of 'feel' I'd like to aim towards for my piece - comedy with a serious edge, perhaps towards a younger audience.

Taking it a bit more slowly, here's part of a tribute series to some of Carl Sagan's (renowned astrophysicist) wise words. This kind of love of science and empiricism and the history and future of our species, is the kind of awe and wonder I would love to be able to help inspire in younger generations via my work, starting with next year's work.

Now here's something a bit more modern, and as much as auto-tuning is a bit overdone on the interwebs as of late, this is a brilliant way to gather many inspiring words on a unified subject. Again, to inspire and enlighten people about the beauty of a scientific viewpoint on the world.

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