Some samples of the background assets for the piece, note the correlation to the 8 flavours of millions: Blackcurrant, Cola, Lemon, Strawberry, Mint, Orange, Raspberry, Bubblegum

Just a quick post to let you know my website has had a bit of an update/rejiggery-pokery. Showreel now on the front page, changed and updated the illustration section and given it its own separate page, along with the films and animation.

By far the addition I'm most pleased with though is the 'achievements' section on the 'about me' page. I though it'd be nice to do them in the style of game achievements with progress bars to show which ones I have completed and which I'm still working towards.

Anyway, Check it Out!

Feedback always welcome!

Just the slides for tomorrow's presentation, selling ourselves to the L6 students, ergo a cattle market for animators. 

A quick summary and reminder of the goals I'm aiming toward for this module

 - Define my area of practice (AOP)
 - Needed skills and developed skills
 - Application of knowledge and skills

2) the final presentation [10mins]
 - Define AOP and Specialism
 - Outcomes?
 - Reflection and strategies
 - Experiments and innovation

 - Understanding the target audience
 - Research (demographics, age groups, behaviour e.t.c)
 - Primary and secondary research (record, analyse and evaluate)
 - Appropriate design principals (visual rhetoric)

 - Finish tasks set by the L6 members
 - Evidence of participation and responsibility
 - Evidence of completion of tasks professionally
 - Production Schedule

All feedback welcome!

 - What skill-sets do I have?
 - What areas do I need to improve on?
 - Goal setting and strategies
 - My strengths?
 - What do I know?
 - What can I learn?
 - What do I need to know?
 - How much do I understand?
 - How can I take my learning further?

Looking at these questions, I sat down and thought about just what it is and where I'm going with my animation-themed life. I think answering these questions early on will help me solidify any goals and give me a bit more direction with where I'm going. Sure, I know things are never concrete and always likely to change, but it's always good to have something to aim towards and knowledge to hunt down.

Here are a list of all the skill-sets I'd ideally like to work on. I know it's a long one but I feel all of these will be vital to any career I want to develop, and I think it's all achievable without spreading myself too thinly.

Out of all of the skill sets the two I'd most like to work on and improve my knowledge of are completely pre-production based and are:

Character Design
Construction of Sets and Characters

Useful tasks
Some useful strategies to improving myself I already use and need to keep going:
 - Visual journal on the go.
 - Frequent life-drawing.
 - Following inspirational blogs.
 - Keeping up with /r/animation and /r/getmotivated.
 - Setting aside time to read and watch tutorials.
 - Setting deadlines and timesheets.
 - Immerse myself with inspirational media.

New module, new things to learn, so here's a little look at the learning process and understanding it. My doodle about the learning cycle, pretty self explanatory, however it's work looking at the Kolb Learning cycle to understand how to stuff our brains with knowledge in a little more depth:

Next steps for me are to assess my strengths and weaknesses and see what needs working work. Break everything down as much as possible, and be specific as to what needs work. Make some concrete goals.

Here is a collection of the videos used as reference during the project, as you can see there were a few things we were looking into:

 - the musical/song element of adverts with a good hook

- the personal/customisable (how do you eat yours?) style of advert, reaching out to the viewer

 - a form of narrative within the advert , telling a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Most adverts have an element of these within them somehow, but these are some of the best examples, and worth studying when making our own decisions.