Helping Beckie Smout (pre-production)
As this part of my task never really got off the ground, it's hard to evaluate it fully. Brainstorming and idea gathering session are always useful though, and it was interesting to see another person's stop-motion work. It would have been great to work with someone on a puppet based stop-motion project, but alas, it was not to be.

Helping Karina Davies (production)
This charcoal based project, based on a real person and true story was useful for seeing what it was like to work for someone, rather than as an equal team member (which was part of it as well). Trying to replicate a style as well as working towards set gaols and deadlines. The mix of pre-production and production work was an ideal setting to put many of the things I've learned through my course into practice. But most of I feel it was interesting and challenging to work on something geared towards an audience that I haven't so far within my own work.

Set/Prop Construction Techniques
Building the models and working on my painting techniques taught me many lessons that I feel will be invaluable for all my coming work. From dry-brushing to over-painting, all of these are some of the essential skills I need in order to produce high quality sets and props, and the more practice I get at these the better.

Character Research
The continuous need to keep my eyes open for new inspiration and teachings of established character artists was put into practice for this part, as I made myself sit down and look for new styles and techniques. Studying and analysing these various artists brings something new to my own work, and opens my eyes to options I may not have yet considered.
But more than that, it keeps me enthusiastic and inspired about my area and keeps me pushing in new directions with my work. Learning new techniques, like keeping a visual journal, and new mindsets for keeping myself constantly pushing my creative side, and making the most of every idea.

Planning the next Project
Thanks to all research I've completed on the direction I want to head with my next project, I feel fully prepared to start pushing along further with it. I'm still constantly gathering new media, and solidifying the idea of the piece I want to produce. All of the different aspects and lessons I've learned during this module have helped me  progress with deciding on which direction I want to head, and where I see myself in the future.


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