Rocketman Test 6 and The Principals


This test is just for the launch of the rocket, and looks good I feel although, a little fast. The smoke is believable and the takeoff is exactly how I wanted it to look: a squat down as if pushing the flames and smoke out, then an explosive thrust upwards as it pushes fully and stretches as it races off into the sky.

Principals of animation being used in my Animation so far:
  1. Squash and Stretch - In the movement and jumping of Rocketman as well as the takeoff of the rocket.
  2. Anticipation - In the movement jumps and takeoff of the rocket.
  3. Slow in and Slow out - On the zooming of the view and rocket takeoff.
  4. Exaggeration - Rocketman's expressions and rocketship takeoff.
  5. Solid Drawing - making the character look and feel solid and keeping the art style the same throughout.
  6. Appeal - At a minimum as the character is relatively simple, but I have tried to make it more 'likable' using expressive gestures.
  7. Arcs - In Rocketman's movement and jump.
  8. Timing - Throughout the animation.
  9. Secondary Action - The purposeful jog into the cockpit, the billowing steam before takeoff.
  10. Straight Ahead and Pose-to-Pose - I used a mixture of the two throughout the animation, pose to pose for the complex movements and straight ahead for more loose parts such as the billowing smoke.
  11. Follow Through and Overlapping Action - Smoke dissipating in a trail after the rocket, the swing of the arms as he lands in his chair.
  12. Staging - Minimal as the whole animation is seen from one view, but tried to make use of it with expressive gestures and the positioning of the different subjects throughout.
Following these principals through the pipeline of production on this piece of work has helped me keep the animation together as a whole, and make sure it looks a good solid piece with minimal inconsistencies.

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