The film is finally complete!
And a bonus update on my website too!

All feedback welcome ^_^
They always fall apart by the last few scenes, latex models instead of plasticine next time methinks...
I have about 6/7 scenes left to film at the moment, but it's slow going as the room I'm filming in is pretty hot/humid with all this summer heat we're having. I have two fans going (carefully obviously, so as not to move any of the set!)

I think one of the biggest lessons I've learnt filming this is that Dragon (Stop-motion software) is amazing, and make such a huge difference. There'll be a couple of scenes which I didn't use Dragon for left in the final piece, as I don't think the difference is too noticeable. Well, hopefully not once the film grain effect is added.

I'm not expecting the film to be perfect, as it was all a huge learning exercise for me, but to see it complete will be a huge step for me, not to mention free up a lot of space and time for the long list of other projects I want to get cracking on this summer.

Spent most of today doing the opening sequence, but still unsure on the narration, but I still have one yet to come (hopefully within the next 24 hours) so the timing for that final part will have to be done one I have it. Other than that, most of the credits are done too (has been mostly a flash day today) and I knocked together another piece fo title text which I like better than the old one, so I'll be using that instead now.

Now I have just eleven scenes left to go then doing the sounds and any minor editing that's left!

Stay Tuned!

For now, here's some work-in-progress shots of the opening scene...