(Skillet: old bell off an alarm clock, Cup and spoon: sprayed Sculpey, Beans: plasticine, Bottle: a novelty bottle opener, Table : Balsa wood)

(Balsa and paint cactus, wire and glue scorpion and stikfas pieces and sculpey for the bones)

Most of these are working from photos (except the last one), even though working from life is what I need to learn more of, however I still want to retain the skills that I have of painting and drawing etc of what I am used to as well developing my skillset further. Most photos that I work from are taken by me unless otherwise stated.

From a photo I took at Twycross Zoo, pencil on cartridge paper;

From a photo I took of a friend's dogs, acrylic on mountboard;

From DVD Still of "Hot Fuzz", pencil on cartridge paper;

From a photo I took of a friend's horse, acrylic on mountboard;

Life study of my dog, Buster, oil pastel on card;

Trinity (pretty much done)

Bounty Hunter 2 (W.I.P)


All the bits; foam-board and thick card bases covered with sticky backed plastic, door and windows with balsa wood and clear plastic. An old computer cooling fan makes for a nice air-con unit in the saloon. The left hand wall is removable and free standing so we have access to a greater variety of shots when filming.

Quick test shots;