- Define my area of practice (AOP)
       = Pre-production; character design & set building
 - Needed skills and developed skills
       = Miniature painting, general painting and construction skills for sets, etc Character drawing practice, life drawing and caricaturing. 
 - Application of knowledge and skills
       = Model making/painting, sketch journal, photo textures etc, caricaturing, character creation and research.

2) the final presentation [10mins]
 - Define AOP and Specialism
       = Pre-production; character design & set building
 - Outcomes?
       = TBA
 - Reflection and strategies
       = TBA
 - Experiments and innovation
       = TBA

 - Understanding the target audience
       = Young teen(ish)
 - Research (demographics, age groups, behaviour e.t.c)
       = See what's already out there.
 - Primary and secondary research (record, analyse and evaluate)
       = Films, shorts, TV etc
 - Appropriate design principals (visual rhetoric)
       = see above

 - Finish tasks set by the L6 members
       = Poster idea? - not a lot of options
 - Evidence of participation and responsibility
       = struggling due to above
 - Evidence of completion of tasks professionally
       = struggling due to above
 - Production Schedule
       = production is already complete, so makes no sense

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