What with the small stained glass piece that'll be going into the piece, I decided to look at a few examples and get into the swing of their style/design, under the submission/ascension theme.

...And a few more modern designs:

If I can get close to anything as half as good as this strip, I'll be a lucky man.

Sticking with the chef theme, here's a quick but if tablet practice of the hulk chopping onions, as you do.


To get the timing right I've done a quick placeholder recording of the poem narration (in GarageBand). This'll make it much easier to plan out the storyboard and animatic, and get the length of each scene right etc. Next jobs are storyboarding and animatics, getting some designs down, and sorting out a nice voice for the narration, as my deep brummie accent isn't going to cut it!

 It's coming in at around 1:40 with room to manoeuvre so far.

Instead of cluttering up my desktop with a hundred different files every time I see something that starts a train of thought or new inspiration, new rule is to put it up here. This'll free up a bit of desktop space. It might all seem a bit random but it's connecting various things together in my head, a bit of the process, if you will.

After a bit of a hectic week in other goings on, it was time to break out the Wacom and get a bit of digital painting practice in, so here's a chef who didn't quite make it in time...

What is your project about? What are your aims?
This project is going to be designed to raise awareness and de-mystify the process of death for a younger age group, in a friendly and charming way. With sophisticated language and appealing visuals to keep all age ranges entertained. Its structure will be based upon a pre-determined narrative, and its visuals will be a figurative puppet based stop-motion animation with a cohesive visual aesthetic. The hand-made nature of the process will be a feature or the piece, and a source of its appeal.

How would you achieve it? Setting out tests/micro projects?
This will all be achieved with careful research into possible styles and aesthetics, as well as time management and planning. Narration will be a key element, so multiple possibilities will need to be explored and tested.

Projected delivery? Schedules?
Deadline is 25th March, so ideally want to be finished a good week or two before then. Everything is to be mapped out on my calendar in terms of pre-production, designing, fabrication, production and editing, in that order. Any Milo use will need to be planned well in advance.

Putting a few limiting factors in place for this piece of work to make production and research a little more streamlined:

Puppet based stop-motion, figurative and not too abstract, but with a cohesive visual aesthetic.

Primarily aimed at youngsters, but with sophisticated language and appealing visuals to keep all age ranges entertained.

Crisp, white papery goodness:

White clean paper theme, crisp lines and clear visuals. 

Mix of handmade and clean cut visuals


By Lisa Nilsson

Also, look at this: