With the briefs written, and a final day of organising done, third year is about to begin. Looking forward to seeing what is made of my plans and which one I choose. I'll probably post them up later, but for now the themes are Visual aesthetic/music video, Storytelling/self, A tribute to empiricism, and Social anxiety/self perception.

All stop-motion based of course ^_^

Just listing a few resources for use of anyone who needs a little inspiration, will keep topping this up in time, but here's a few to get started with:

Scribble Junkies 


Drawn to Life Vol 1 & 2 
Any Calvin and Hobbes
Story of Art

Norman Rockwell

So as the end of summer fades, it's time to get back into the swing of things.

There's been plenty to plan and think about, as well as I've been working on some spreadsheets to help get myself organised and motivated in preparation for my final year. Expect more recent updates now that I'm off again, but for now here's a little picture I did of myself that I'm pretty pleased with: