Francisco Herrera

I first stumbled across this character designer and comic artist when I was given a free book by accident from a book shop. I'm sure glad they did as his work has always been an inspiration to me. I later found out that he has been hired by Dreamworks and other studios for character design on many of their films, including the recent Megamind.

I think the appeal of his work is the use of line and his interpretation of form, pushing figures into poses that you shouldn't be able to recognise, but work so well. Angular lines, smooth curves all all aspect of the body play off each other to create a truly recognisable style. Some of his monster sketches are some of my favourites, as you can see he is clearly pushing the identifiable characteristics of the creature as far as they will go whilst still be legible to the piece as a whole. Tiny heads, deformed bodies and monstrous teeth and so many other extremities give all of his monsters a unique yet 'toonish' look, while still holding menace.

Taking these sorts of boundary-pushing techniques into context will be a huge help in determining my own style of working as well as being able to create compelling and original characters int he future.

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