Meet the Preacher


Remember I was getting Mike to build one of the puppets for me?

Well here he is, in all his glory! He's a great little chap, and moves really nicely and sturdily too, couldn't have asked for anything better! All I need to add to him is the various mouths for animating, and some plasticine eyelids for the blinks.

Mike was  a pleasure to work with, keeping me informed throughout, hope we can collaborate on more things in the future!

Lighting the church set was a little more complex than previously, so a real collection of different lamps was brought in to make up the angles, anything I could scavenge really. Overall though, pleased with how it turned out, as I wanted to keep the scene pretty dark, even with a mostly white background, and without loosing any detail on Mike's puppet.

My only regret is the scene being fairly short so I don't get to use this wonderful puppet more!

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