Statement of Intent

What is your project about? What are your aims?
This project is going to be designed to raise awareness and de-mystify the process of death for a younger age group, in a friendly and charming way. With sophisticated language and appealing visuals to keep all age ranges entertained. Its structure will be based upon a pre-determined narrative, and its visuals will be a figurative puppet based stop-motion animation with a cohesive visual aesthetic. The hand-made nature of the process will be a feature or the piece, and a source of its appeal.

How would you achieve it? Setting out tests/micro projects?
This will all be achieved with careful research into possible styles and aesthetics, as well as time management and planning. Narration will be a key element, so multiple possibilities will need to be explored and tested.

Projected delivery? Schedules?
Deadline is 25th March, so ideally want to be finished a good week or two before then. Everything is to be mapped out on my calendar in terms of pre-production, designing, fabrication, production and editing, in that order. Any Milo use will need to be planned well in advance.


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