Rocketman Evaluation

To conclude the 6 week/20second animation project (for now) I produced the short "Rocketman" after a long and experimental production pipeline. This being the first time I had produced any animation to this timescale and length, everything was a case of trial and error if I couldn't find the information online or in any books. This was a great way to learn though, and I feel I have learnt much from the experience.

Things learnt:
  • fully understanding pose-to-pose animation combined with straight-ahead to complete a sequence
  • the phases of the walk cycle and a deeper understanding of it
  • using stretch and squash appropriately 
  • working to a deadline and planning a project around it

How I feel about the 'Final' piece
The animation as a whole did exactly what I wanted it to, with minor exceptions of an imperfect run cycle. The simple black and white style worked well with the wobbly lines, and simple character expressing and anticipating what was going on well I feel. I like how I chose to leave it open ended so that I can continue with it in my own time in the future.

Working through a production pipeline, following through with brainstorms, research, development and story-boarding before producing a final animation, and learning and correcting as I went along, helped me learn a massive amount and really get a feel for the production of hand drawn animations. It'll be interesting to see everyone elses projects and the different techniques and styles used. 

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