More: Getting to Rocketman

From the first brainstorm to storyboarding, these are a few excerpts from my reflective visual journal for the 10-20 second animation project which culminated in the production of my short, "Rocketman".

These pages of scribbles and notes were vital to working out where and how the animation was going, from planning to altering errors.

The first brainstorm, gathering ideas and starting to form a direction for the project.

Looking at character designs and form inspiration for the main story and character.

Keeping certain principals and ideas in mind during further production of the piece, as well as setting out goals and aims.

Looking at the technical disciplines that I must learn from and accomplish.
Storyboarding the animation, a critical stage in process, working out the timing, placement and layout of items and subjects in the animation.

Much more work had gone into the production of the final animation, please see my sketchbook for more of it, plus a great amount of it was planned on guide sheets and on the actual animation pages in pencil before it was all inked up and finalised.

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