Dopesheets and Storyboards

For this sound clip animation project, we are looking at effectively planning and possibly lip-syncing and animation, and so we are welcomed to the world of dope-sheets. Simply a table that allows you to plan elements of an animation, from dialogue to the different layers/subjects, on a frame-by-frame timescale. It is always on a 24fps scale, and if you are animating on singles (12fps) you simply work only on the odds (1,3,5,7 etc). I have kept mine relatively simple for now with just the basic planning for major gestures on there along with the timing of the dialogue on the sound clip.
Dope-sheets go hand in hand with story-boarding, which is a more visual breakdown of what happens in the animation with key-frames shown and further notes made. Again, I have kept mine as loose as I could, while still getting in all the elements I wanted in the animation, to allow myself to tinker with it as it progresses.

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