A Mixed Bag

Progress has been a lot slower than I would have liked this week due to sorting out car accident repairs and insurance (boring), becoming a recent uncle (exciting), chasing after missing post (aggravating) and a heavy stinking cold (snottifying). Anyway, enough with the excuses and onto the things I have done.

First of all, a bit of tinkering on Maya and Mudbox as they came in the post at last, made a little submarine which I was quite pleased with but I'm sure I went the entirely long winded way of muddling my way through it to get there, some studying and tutorials required I think.

Next, in preparation of the stop motion module coming up after Christmas (any excuse really) I had a bit of a go at doing some sculpting, even if it was fairly simple. Just wanted to get used to this nice oil based clay I bought, but it takes a lot of working as it has to be warm before it becomes soft, so quite time consuming, but fun nonetheless.

And onto the main event, got some further key-framing sorted for this 11-second audio clip animation. Wasn't terribly pleased with the first part of it I posted earlier, so ideally would like to get this bit right first time so that I can go back and re-do or make some changes to it, but time isn't on my side. Will have to pull my finger out and do the best I can.

Sorry about the less than great quality, vimeo didn't want to play ball so had to use blogger video.

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