Its all gone A cappella

After looking at sound in Critical studies I thought it might be interesting to try and add a few sound effects to my Rocketman piece. However, there was a problem: I have no musical ability on any instrument and was unwilling to use stock sound effects. The solution? When you're little you make brrrmm brrrmmm effects for cars, so if it was good enough for me than it was good enough for me now, and I discovered, just as much fun.

I'm not the first with this idea it would seem either as this video from a mod of Half-Life 2 shows, with 95% of the in-game sound effects replaced with voice work.

I think it'll match the hand-drawn wobbly-lined nature of my animation nicely and I suppose its a way of making amateurism acceptable and embracing it in a strange kind of way. Anyway, here's Rocketman with sounds courtesy of my voicebox (you may need to turn it up a little its a bit quiet). I know it's not great but it was fun to do, so that makes it worthy of a spot on my blog.

Feedback appreciated

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