Shooting Setup for Rocketman

Basic things I have learned that need to be implemented when shooting the animations:

  • Curtains shut - Natural light changes too much so all light must be artificial and controllable to avoid inconsistencies
  • Tripod fixed - To avoid any movement between frames.
  • Rotation of acrylic disk stopped - To avoid any movement between frames.
  • Replace frames, don't stack - avoid onion-skinning effect of previous frame visible underneath.
  • Shooting with a DSLR, not Mini DV -  I am finding it much easier to shoot with a stills camera that using a miniDV hooked up and streaming to iStopmotion. I miss out on the overlay effect to help line up shots, but this is unnecessary anyway if care is taken making sure the setup is secure.
  • Increase the Exposure - Avoids too many shadows showing on the paper and produced a much more black and white image, which makes it easier when editing.

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