Puppet Progress Shots


 Just a collection of shot from today's progress on the full-body armature/puppet, have to leave it mid-foaming up for tonight. Also the eyes and lips test head is coming along nicely, the latex layering is taking a little while and has to reconstruct part of the jaw as I'd made it a bit too small, but wasn't too much of a difficult fix. More coming soon.

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  1. Cracking work! I love the body proportions of the scary fella. I know your sketches show him to have big feet, but I reckon it'd be neat to see him with tiny feet - like he is at the moment. It'd echo the style of some Looney Tunes characters... let me find a picture...

    Ah, Marc Anthony: http://www.comicbookreligion.com/img/m/a/Marc_Antony.jpg

    I love this style. You may well think it's pants. I look forward to seeing how it turns out, however big his feet are :)

    I also like your orange frog ;)

  2. I love that idea, little feet seem so much more fitting! I'll probably make two sets, big and little then see how they look and how stable they are. The legs are pretty stiff so that could cause problems but I'll see how it goes!

    Cheers! :)