Shots and Angles


During the filming of the piece, I wanted to incorporate a few different shots and angles, but had decided against using the MILO for two reasons:

1) After seeing some of the other students having used it, it was incredibly smooth, and after deciding to go with a purposefully hand-made feel to the piece, it didn't seem right. A little shake is all about keeping the 'hand of the artist' in the piece, which as you should know by now, I'm mad about.

2) It'd take too much control away from me for my piece. Using the MILO means having to put my shots in the hands of someone else, which, while they may have much better professional training than myself, may not fully understand what it is I want from the piece.

So with a few markers and a bit of basic maths I managed to pull off the shot's I wanted myself, and kept them within the visual aesthetic I was going for.

Job done.

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