Epoxy Resin Testing


I thought I'd give this brass tubing a go, instead of the usual Sculpey bones I'm used to as I've had a couple of failures on Zeke's legs. Trouble is, I could only find round brass tubing in stores, so I'll see what I can do with it for now until the online square tubing I've ordered turns up in the week (I hope). Also managed to find an ancient box of epoxy resin, so will be using that too, I'm hoping that using better quality components will give a bit more durability to my puppets.
I wanted to try two things with the tubing, fist just gluing them on with the Araldite, which worked a charm as expected, but then also just pinching the ends tightly around the twisted aluminium wire. This also worked pretty well and hasn't come loose let, so could be a good back up tactic to remember. I'll stick with the epoxy resin from now on though.


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