Sound Project Evaluation

Producing the screenplay(s) and storyboards/animatics for this module has taught me a lot about the production methods used for getting an animation off the ground and onto the screen. Form working with different sounds and sources, and working towards a desired effect, to adapting and working around obstacles in screenplay writing and story-boarding said stories into a finished plot. All the while allowing for artistic license for producing the animation and remaining flexible throughout.

I'm glad I decided to change the original script, and resolve the ending, rather than leaving it 'more mysterious' and open, as I had originally intended. The new 'gag' ending may not have been what I was originally going for with following the Grickle style of storytelling, but has ended up more much complete and is quite a nice gag to boot, I think.

I've enjoyed creating this story so much, I'm hoping to produce a short stop motion along my ideas for it as I feel it'd be something fun to work on and now that I have gotten so involved in the story it'd be a shame not to do something further with it while it's all still fresh in my head!

As this module draws to a close, I feel I can take away a couple of new badges on my belt: learning about screenplay writing and the format for it and a little more about film theory and shots etc. I'm hoping to put this into practice one my zombie stop-motion that I'm still working on the story to, which I may get around to animating one day!

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