Mini Project: Lulu Book


This being the first time getting any of my work printed into a book, it was all untrodden territory, but after reading a few reviews I decided to go with self-publishing website It seemed to have a good range of options available for getting your book printed and the most reasonable prices I'd seen so far too! 

This did cause a little concern that the quality wouldn't be up to much, but thankfully my fears we allayed yesterday when the first copes showed up on my doorstep. I only ordered a couple just to see what the quality was like, and to get some feedback on (and spot any mistakes) before sending off for a more substantial batch for the show. I went for the cheapest of the options (standard paper, paperback, saddle-stitched) but with a nice 8"x8" square format for the pages, as almost all kid's books I'd read before were square for some reason.

The quality is really nice as far as I can tell (not that I know a whole lot about paper types and printing). A thicker glossy cover with nice matt pages, and just the right size in the hand. Anyway, enough gushing over how nice it is to have it all printed up in a nice book, Lulu I'd definitely recommend, and might go for a hardcover something next time.

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