Crit and alterations

Today we had a group crit of our bouncing ball animations, and unfortunately my main one wouldn't load as the imac in the room couldn't cope with it as I had kept it quite large to be able to re-size it properly. Anyhow, I had to use the coloured version which was acceptable I suppose, but wasn't quite as nice looking as the original.

Things to learn from this crit:
  • Use a model reference to keep the subjects to scale.
  • Ink the sheets before digitising, otherwise, no matter how good the lighting, it just wont be clear enough on a small to medium sized video.

Anyway, after that session I showed some of the work in progress from my 20 second short to some of the group for advice. It consisted of a walk/run cycle and a small leap by a simple figure. The feedback I gained from this session was invaluable and has really helped me see it from other perspectives and improve the piece as a whole, which I am in the process of inking up at the moment.

Right, back to inking it up!

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