Beginnings, Ends and Squiggly Lines

When creating all of my other animations, the beginnings and ends were not so noticeable as they were so short, however for my 10-20 second one I feel a brief title screen and end screen would round it off nicely and make the audience more aware of the stucture of the piece.

However, I did not want these to be static screens that would look out of place and 'frozen' so for each one I did several identical frames, hand drawn. The small inconsistencies between these frames made each still image look 'alive' when looped and animated, and much more in keeping with the animation.

It is these small shaky inconsistencies throughout the animation that give it its hand-drawn look and to my eyes, adds to its appeal. I think of it as the same way the fingerprints on Wallace and Gromit make it so special and unique, and the same squiggly lines in The Cat Came Back (see below) that could have easily have been removed or smoothed out, but were left in, and really make them more personal and unique.

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