Fingers and Toes

Digging out the old hand cast from before and it's in perfectly good condition to get a few more hands tried out. The Aluminium wire ones turned out to be too firm so trying a slightly thinner one, and will see how that goes once it's all layered up and looking nice:

 I need a new cast for feet that will hopefully get a few dozen uses out of it, so the first step was to make some soft, unbaked sculpey feet, and get them in a container just the right size (as I had no potter's clay to make a mould), then smother them in a thin layer of vaseline (as a release agent). Next, mix up the plaster of paris, and (stirring it slowly and gently to keep the air bubbles out) and pour into the mould at leave to set. I also added a pair of wire handles into the plaster to allow myself something to grip when trying to remove it from the tupperware mould.

Next step, getting the feet armatures baked and putting them in the moulds with the latex...


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