Codpieces and Strappy Sandals


Going back to working on the body of Zeke, most of the 'skin' had been complete, it was time to work out how I was going to go about making some clothes and accessories for him. I had planned for him to be a scavenger, living off the throwaways of humans, and so all his bits of clothing and tools must be as such. First step was some shoes for his feet and I decided some simple gladiator style sandals maybe the best bet, only needing some leather straps and soles. Breaking out the sewing kit I got stuck in, and soon to follow was the leather belt for his waist and some under-pants too. Little bits of co-ordinated thread held everything together along with some epoxy glue to strengthen it all.
Bits of string were fashioned into a shoulder belt for clipping some of his tools onto, such as a simple club I built out of balsa wood and a screw with a bit of acrylic paint to weather it a little. Also, a grappling hook out of paperclips, with a special 'rope' I built out of a piece of wire (so its manipulable during animation) wrapped with a white thread dipped in white latex to make it appear as if the whole thing is string.
Photos will be up soon as this puppet is pretty much finished now...

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