Set (1),(2) &(2a) Progress


Set (1)
The 'distance-shot' set on a paper-maché balloon is coming along nicely, but can't do too much detail on it until the other set (2&2a) is done so I know exactly what I'm making a miniature of.
Set (2)
Diameter is around 1m, being hold together mostly with wood-glue, and trying to make most of its structure self-supporting with the dowelling etc. Needs the support for the foot plate adding then I think I can start the 'filling-in' business. On a side note, ignore the paint bits on the wood - I had to cut up a few old paintings I'd done on the MDF.

Set (2a)

Other half of set 2, bit simpler but does need the support for the tree putting in once these bits have dried.

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