Mini Project: Armature

For this project I thought it was about time I got around to using a metal ball and socket armature, this being the standard for most studios now. I got a middle of the range one, not having the money to go for a full spec one just yet, and sure enough arrived in a day or two so I set about getting it together. It was not without its problems...

Getting it together was no problem, but some of the machined holes were too loose, and wouldn't hold to the thread of the bars, so I had to use successive layers of thread-lock to make sure it's tight enough. Fingers crossed that'll hold. Other than that the actual ball and socket joint's aren't brilliant, some of the socket holes weren't machined fulled and had quite jagged edges meaning some switching around was needed so that they're be working properly and not inhibiting the 1-directional joints from moving. It's hard to know what sort of tension to put on the joints, so I'm starting as loose as I possibly can then cranking it up if they come loose too easily. Just as I was getting it working ok, the main connectors at the chest and abdomen were getting loose on the bars they are sandwiching together, so I've got busy with some thread-lock and hoping this'll help keep them tight. Overall a bit of a disappointment and a challenge, especially as I don't know if it's even going to be usable after all this.

It might be back to my own homemade armatures as at least I can rely on them to a given degree of usage. We will see once this has finished drying. Fingers crossed.

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