Early Set (2)


Getting started on a more substantial set, this will be one of the main one for the puppet based scenes. It was developed from early sketches to get a rough idea of shape and scale (see first image) and then further developed into scale blueprints or each component piece (image 2). I used a few techniques I've seen used in Airfix models and papercraft to make sure every is labelled and lined up easily once it is cut.

First problem was I only had 2 pieces of MDF left and didn't really want to buy anymore so I decided I could make it fit all on those two pieces, which it just about did. It took a faix bit of shuffling around and planning and geometry with bits of string to get it all right, but eventually get it right I did. 

Little mini scale blueprints which i could slide around were made and the layout fixed, before scaling up and marking out these layouts onto the pieces of wood. Next up; the cutting...

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