What's Been Happening


So the past few weeks have been a mixture of mini tasks such as idea gathering techniques (speed drawing above), time planning (below) and learning to analyse (below that). The speed drawing was useful as it threw up ideas you might not have even considered and made you put everything down on paper and look at it before you cast it away. For the time planning, it first started off as notes jotted down but then I realised I needed something a little more concrete. I made myself a nice spreadsheet with all the important subjects and deadlines marker on so that I can check off what I need to do as I go along.

The Metaphor task was a case of thinking of all of the components (in a group) that go together to produce a film/animation and then put it together with a visual/physical metaphor with each part of it meaning a part of production/animation etc. Our group chose to go with a rain-forest ecosystem as it gave us a lot to play with and some of the ideas, such as the narrative being a river worked rather well. If I get some free time I intend to ink it up properly and colour it in and label it as a piece of illustration practice work for myself. 

This final bit of nostalgia have been the inspiration for the Zombie stop-motion film piece of work I'm working on. It was a bit of an epiphany like moment when I saw this and parts of the story started to slot together in my head. Hopefully finally sending me down the right path.

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