New Brief

These are a sweet called "Millions"
Not many people know about them. They don't have a very pretty website.

Our new brief was to choose a type of sweet/confectionary to re-brand along with some fellow Advertising and Illustration Students. After getting to know one another and the formalities we decided on Millions as they have a lot of potential and some good USP (Unique Selling Points)

1) Sharing
2) Variety
3) Customisation
4) Quantity

After settling on the target audience and getting a few early ideas together we have all gone off in our own directions to come up with some early concepts.

Immediately seeing these I could think of an elaborate stop motion using millions of these Millions, the potential for kaleidoscopic and trippy adverts would be amazing, thinking about some of the animations I've seen using sand etc. As it would for something more figurative to sell them. So far I'm thinking along the lines of these.:

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