Pig Project Conclusion

The Completed Video:

The Presentation Slides:

I think struggling to learn a new piece of software at the same time as trying to produce a new type of animation (commercial) could have been a great challenge, however with very few actual tutorials on how to use the software correctly, it was hard to efficiently learn and apply principles at the same time. Not knowing the limitations and use of the software (Flash CS4/5) beforehand, and how we would be able to use it thoroughly held back a lot of design and style decisions as well as the actual story of the animation. The software training course we went on helped with the very basics, and was the only real teaching we received for this course, whereas those who chose to work with Maya had several tutorials set up for modelling and rigging etc. 
Anyway, the actual group animation came together just in time, and I'm pretty pleased with the little story we managed to tell. Execution could have been better with a little more knowledge and training, but I did the best I could with what  had. The limitations in place for character design etc made it hard to put any real personal touches or style onto the piece so I feel design wise it's a little dull. In an ideal world this could have been done with the movement and animation, but with such limited knowledge was very hard to achieve.

Points of Learning:
  • Design restrictions of certain software applications.
  • Importance of using folders and naming conventions within a program.
  • Communication and organisation within a group based project.
  • Problem solving to accommodate software and knowledge limitations.
  • Producing a piece with a view to a target audience.

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