Uncoupling - Opener test

Working out how to zoom in slowly and smoothly was solved with a couple of cut-up sticky dots on the lens of my camera to keep track of exactly how much the lens was to zoom during the forty or so frames, thus enabling me to divide them up appropriately and move the zoom of the lens incrementally.

This was more of an exercise of trying out how zooming would work when filming frames, and I feel I have learned from trying it. You don't know how these things work until you try them out.

Anyway, this was done for the opening second or two I wanted to add onto the beginning of the 'Uncoupling' project just to set the scene for the piece, rather than having it dive straight in and the audience not grasp what's going on.

It turned O.K, acceptable for its purpose, but if I had more time it would have been nice to put a few more frames in and smooth it out a little, with some more background animation.

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