Zeke Face Test (Emote)


Finally got to do a little something with Zeke's face, getting him to emote a little and try a few different expressions and facial movements I had intended from his very construction, things like the neck and jaw displacement, eyebrow deforming as well as movement. Also a few techniques I learnt from previous feedback, such as boiling the fur (while he was angry/growling), which I think turned out great and really added to the emoting.

I still feel it all goes by a little too fast, but definitely getting there in turns of the timing, plus working on 24 frames per second, the minimal amounts are so hard to judge, onion skinning on dragon helps a fair bit with that though. I think the best way to improve this is up the scale on things. At the moment Zeke stands at about nine to ten inches tall, but I think with a slightly larger puppet, smaller movement would be much more manageable.


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