Task One - Personal Experience

Slides and story from the first task:


I’d woke up, bleary eyed, and had automatically reached for the alarm that wasn't there. I’d moved it the night before to remind me of something.  Instead, my hand had found a small piece of crumpled paper, and as soon as my fingers touched it, I knew what was hastily scrawled on it. All the emotion and motivation from the night before pounced back into my still sleepy thoughts, like a mental espresso, forcing me awake. 
I let the paper fall to the floor as I swung myself out of bed and onto the computer. As the word processor loaded up and my fingers hovered over the keys, and wondered how best to word my resignation for a job I truly loathed. I came to a conclusion;  Sod it, those bastards wouldn't have done the same for me, I'm not working my notice. No more being a doormat. I relaxed and as I questioned what I should be doing next, a second thought hit me:
I was free. It washed over me like a wave. Four years and that was that. The tinge of sadness I thought would be there wasn't. Just relief. Nagging thoughts and worries started trying to creep in, but for once it was easy to ignore them. I'd done enough listening to those and look where it had gotten me.
The words from scrap of paper on the floor from the night before were still running around my head, making sure I didn't forget them. 
“you’re going to die. do something worthwhile”
So what was next? I sat there, suddenly lost in thought at a future that had just opened up. I wanted to relax and enjoy the moment, but I knew I needed to plan the changes that were about to be forced into my life. Very welcome changes. 
 So I guess this is a thank-you. A thank-you to a book and an author, whose words made me grasp what Carpe Diem really meant. It led me to who I am today, and still influences me on who I want to become.

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