First Steps into Digital 3D

First of all, let me admit this is not my first time using a 3D construction program, in my teens I experimented with UnrealEd and other free level building software and a couple of other simple programs. This is my first time using Maya, and it's not all that I feared, with a  lot of similarities to the older software I used. I'm not usually one for tutorials, and usually bodge my way through the learning process with trail and error, but this time I don't have the luxury of time and want to learn the correct and standardised way of using it. So here I am, slowly working my way through the 'Getting Started with Maya' tutorials.

Above is my first little bit of progress, a temple I built using a mixture of polygons and NURBS, and its a nice easy little project to begin with and I already feel like some of the basics are sinking in, to do with groups, rendering, hierarchies and all the other intimidating words.

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