Armature Antics

Monkey Remake
So my next challenge was to try and rebuild my last monkey model, with sturdier legs, so I doubled up the wire twice which gave it much more strength. These were a success, the rest of the model however; was not. I tried to use the stronger wire on the hands - big mistake; they would not move. Milliput 'bones' to try and rectify this a little did no help whatsoever, but is a nice technique I may use again in other models. Magnetic feet I tried - but bigger plates are needed I think. 
I think I can file this one under 'useful mistake'

Mr Sophisticated Orange & his Swanky Suit
So this was a bit of a side project but also practice in building and clothing an armature, this time only thin wire, and doubling it up all over. I found that hot melt glue guns do a great job of holding pieces of wire together and holds firm when cooled, just like milliput (better infact). The felt suit was a bit more tricky to do, but easily worth it, and I was very pleased with the result.
Overall possibly the best model so far, maybe not looks wise but it moves the best and seem pretty sturdy.

Advanced Armature vs Amateur Armature
So I bought myself a 'proper' armature kit from a shop online to get a gander of the differences between the parts they use and I was currently using. Main differences: magnetic and threaded feet and some nice fasteners for holding cables. Magnetic / threaded feet can be done easily with a bit of spare steel and some bolts fixed with milliput. The fancy connectors are £2.99 each online at the best price I could find, so I did a bit of researching and realised that electrical supply cable connectors do virtually the same job with a bit less glamour and cost 39p for 12, so I know which way I'll be going.

Easy eyeballs, matt white beads from Hobbycraft and a bit of dainty painting with some acrylics

Few armatures that need fleshing out, Ive tried to vary shapes and sizes to get as much practice as possible, and will try some new materials as well:

Stay tuned...

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