Making "money."

The topic of animation this week was experimental animation, and we were given several themes to choose from:


Once brainstorming was over, we settled on conflict, that being mental/moral conflict. But we did have a squid in it to cover sea-life too. After brainstorming we got stuck into our final idea, which evolved along the way:
Early Ideas
Set Design
Set Construction
Character Construction

The animation was split into two parts, a material-based stop motion animation, slightly more surreal and experimental, which covered the 'real' segments of the story, and a piece on pixilation for the dream-sequence in the plot.

I was in the half of the group responsible for the pixilation sequence (there were clear cut groups but we often spoke to and influenced the other group with ideas etc, and vice-versa)
Our piece was to be in black and white, but as it was shot on DSLR we shot it in colour, to give us the option later on, and more available to experiment with if we should so desire. Clothes/lighting etc were all chosen and produced with black and white in mind, i.e. contrasting clothes (white tie on black shirt / stripy robber top).

Light Tests

Test Video1
Test Video2
Here all the shots are put together, but unedited:

Black and White (iMovie) Test
Black and White (Photoshop) Test

Finally, some credits were produced for the end of the piece, and then sound effects all done by members of the group, to keep with the experimental nature of the piece.

Please see the next blog post for the completed piece and evaluation.

Credits Test

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