What Warped Me

Just a collection of a few thing I wanted to group together. I always found when I watched cartoons when I was younger, it was the title sequence that sold it to me, if a cartoon had a 'bad' title sequence or music, it was instant switch over. These are just a few that stuck in my mind and thought worth mentioning. There were a few more I wanted to add, but couldn't find any videos of them so I'll try and include them If I find them later on.

Anyway, Lets start with possibly the best one:

The Rescue Rangers 
This song will forever be embedded in my head, it's wonderful and cheesy. What the hell was that flying bottle/balloon/boat/blimp, I didn't know but I liked it.

Grandaddy of them all, this was what my childhood was about. That sequence where they'd disappear behind their portraits and slide down slides and trapdoors until they landed perfectly in their ships ready to take off. The palm trees that moved out of the ships way. That was the stuff of dreams. Heath Robinson meets Star Wars. Oh how I loved number 7, the Mole. If ever there was to be an episode with that lovely underground drilling tank in, it was the making of my whole week. God I loved Thunderbirds.

I suppose this is when I became aware of cartoons being parodies of them selves, taking the mick out of everything cartoons and comics are supposed to be. I loved the randomness, but even then remember thinking the animation wasn't great and got annoyed when lip-syncing didn't line up. Theme song wise though, definitely in my top three.

Angry beavers
Another truly wonderful song here, no lyrics, but it doesn't need them. Fantastic.

I think I just thought the Oz accent was brilliant. Another one where I wasn't so fussed on the cartoon, but always wanted to watch the opening theme.

I guess I was a little older, and the game had already sucked me in, and I always felt slightly ashamed for watching it. I knew I was 'too old' to be watching it but enjoyed it anyway. Man, that episode with the hot air balloon made me well up I remember. Fine, yes I'm a girl.

Animals of farthing Wood
This was always a bit of a funny one to me, whenever it came on I felt compelled to watch it, but never enjoyed it. I thought it was too girly for putting the flowery wreath around the animal silhouette. But watch it I did.

Sharky and George
This was another stand-out one for me. The cartoon always made me feel a little uneasy though, it always felt a little dark and suffocating, perhaps it was the dull colour scheme and dark locations?

Charlie Chalk
All I remember of this stop motion cartoon was noticing some of the racism in it, even when I was young, nevertheless it didn't concern me too much at that age as he was a freakin' clown that lived on a beach, and it looked amazing and real. That's all I wanted.

The Family Ness
Now, I don't think I actually liked the actual cartoon much of this, but always hung around to hear this music at the start of ever episode. Lovely.

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